Daveytown Mining Claims #L1220
located near Winnemucca Nevada
One 80 acre placer claim
and Ten 160 acre placer claims
Extensive 490 hole core drilling
Gold Reserves

Proven and Probable - 6,006 ounces

Measured and Indicated - 5317 ounces

Inferred - Lode is to be further explored and developed to establish P&P

Reduced to $250,000
will consider terms with heavy down payment and NSR. No NSR for Outright cash purchase!
Will consider sale or joint venture.

The Daveytown mining claims are in the District of Humboldt County, Just North West of Winnemucca Nevada. An extensive drill program (490 drill holes) with assays and geological evaluation. It was determined by drilling and assay that the primary high grade auriferous gravel ore body was contained within only thirteen (13) claims of the overall research area, the majority of the proven ore body is contained within our 11 claims

The initial exploration for this property was for a placer deposit. A drill / assay program determined that there was a measured ore body of 2.5 million cubic yards of ore with an average value of .0027 oz. of Gold (Measured and Indicated).

Also contained within this ore body was a high grade auriferous gravel reserve of 530,480 cu. yds.(Proven and Probable) containing 6006 oz. of Au @ 900 fine @ $1,100.00 / oz. ($ 9.90 / cubic yard ) for a value of $5,945,940.

Considering the 2.5 million cubic yards minus the 530,480 cubic yards there are 1,969,520 cubic yards of Measured and Indicated reserves valued for $5,264,527. The total proven and probable, and measured and indicated gold reserves are 11,323 ounces which equals about 13 million dollars at $1150 / oz gold.

There is good access, close experienced mining population, paved roads, power, water well are all available in the immediate area. Volume testing will dictate the most economical and efficient methods and processes to be utilized like specific gravity and or sodium cyanide heap leaching.

Lode Mining is of an additional primary concern. The geology of the area, supported by past discovery of specific indicators has lead to the very high probability of a major ore body lying beneath the placer claims. Mining the covering placer gravels will uncover the bedrock and allow a comprehensive test drilling program to prove these discoveries.

This Inferred lode potential also adds tremendous additional value to the mine. The addition of lode claims that underlay the placer claims could be within the expectations of the values recovered by the near property known as "The Sleeper". These values proved to be in the Billions of dollars.

This property has a flexible ownership group and huge upside potential. All Supporting documents available upon request! The owners will consider an outright sale or joint venture. They are asking $250,000 for an outright sale and may offer terms with a heavy down payment.

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