Ajax Mine Group #L1195
located in Arizona
10 contiguous unpatented mining claims
totaling approximately 194 acres
4 primary mines
plus additional past producing mines
year 'round mining
 seasonal water
Gold, Silver, and Copper Values
Multiple high grade precious metals veins
 Possible bulk surface/near surface mining.
For Sale
with owner holding 3% NSR royalty

The AJAX, CONEJO, DEER (JOLLY ROGER) AND M.C.M. GROUP GOLD & SILVER MINES are on 10 contiguous unpatented claims totaling approximately 194 Acres. They are located two miles south of Arivaca, Santa Cruz County, Arizona. Township 22S, Range 10 East, sections 5 & 8.

The Ajax Mine Group consists of 4 primary mines and additional past producing mines. The climate is mild and suitable for year round work. Vegetation is mainly scrub Mesquite, Palo Verde, Ocotillo, Catclaw and Cactus. Water is available from the Fraquita Wash on a seasonal basis.

The AJAX proper contains tunnels, winzes, raises and drifts with over 1,400 feet of workings and access to good mine & Forest Service roads which connect to the other Ajax Group mines.

The USBM (UNITED STATES BUREAU OF MINES) investigated the Ajax vein in 1992 and reported 25,000 tons (inferred) of ore grading more than .10 opt Au plus silver and other possible credits. A recent select sample from one of the other three Ajax veins assayed 0.97 opt Au and 6.25 opt Ag over 12 inches. A clipping from 1933 in the files of the Arizona Geological Survey Reported assays of 8.0 opt Au and 86 opt Ag from the 350 level in the third mine. This was most likely from select samples. We have not explored the 350 foot level.

The Arizona Bureau of Mines reported grades averaging .6 opt AU, 15 opt AG, .7% CU and 4% PB from Ajax ore mined from 1927 through 1941.

The DEER MINE has a 100 foot shaft (caved 15 ft at the collar) with three levels totaling 200 feet or more of drifts on the primary vein. The USBM reported in 1992 that the DEER MINE (then named the JOLLY ROGER) has 6,000 st indicated, inferred & possible ore grading 0.17 opt Au, and 9.8 opt Ag & 3% Cu. There are four additional sub parallel Veins at the DEER that have not been adequately explored by modern methods.

JABA US INC (now Liberty Star Uranium & Metals Corp.) commissioned a soil & rock chip sampling program at the Deer Mine in 1997 but did not complete because of market conditions. The limited sampling completed by JABA showed some interesting and promising results. We have smelter records for one car load of ore averaging 0.18 Au, 7.74 Ag, 2.27% Cu and 84 % silica shipped from the DEER to ASARCO at Hayden, Arizona in 1964.

The CONEJO MINE is reported (Arizona Bureau of Mines) in the 1930's to have produced several hundred tons of direct shipping ore (probably smelter flux) grading 0.20 opt Au with some silver and lead. There are several tens of thousand tons of quartz in sight at the CONEJO.

The M.C.M. Group produced an unknown amount of ore (Arizona Bureau of Mines report) averaging 1.0 opt Au, 63 opt Ag, 10.0% Pb & 4.0% Cu from the 193o's. The M.C.M. dumps were shipped to El Paso in the 1960Ős and reported by the owners to grade 0.25 opt Au, 25 opt Ag plus Pb & Cu.

USBM in 1992 reported assays of up to 3.3 opt Au and 47 opt Ag from the M.C.M. Some of the M.C.M. workings have been filled.

The Ajax Mine has been reported to be the Longarine (Longorena/Honeycomb) Mine worked by Spaniards as early as the 1700's . The Ajax Group properties have not been explored by modern methods except the JABA program at the Deer which was not completed and did not proceed to drilling. There appears to be several excellent targets for high grade gold and silver deposits with potential economic tonnage in the claim group for a small/medium sized operator to warrant exploration and development.

Some reports including maps, assays and other information are available. The owner will sell the entire claim group for $75,000 with a 3% NSR royalty on all metal production.

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Main Ajax Vein Adit

Deer Mine Head Frame

Conejo Trench/Cut and filled Shaft