Aroostock Patents #L1160
San Juan County, Colorado
Two Patented Mining Claims
Totaling about 19.6 acres
Surface and Mineral Rights
Silver, Gold, Zinc, + Lead values
only $58,000

These two adjoining Patented Mining claims are located in the Eureka Mining District in San Juan County Colorado at about 12,000 feet in Elevation. They were Patented in 1902 and contain Silver, Gold, Zinc, and Lead values similar to other mines in the area.

A large vein on the surface is approximately 6 feet wide. Another Vein can be seen on the surface as well. Some shafts and drifts remain but the portal has been closed with lumber but it's current status is unknown, because the present owner has never been able to travel to the property.

These two Patented claims are in the high country and are accessible during the summertime with a short wheelbase 4x4. All surface and mineral rights are for sale. The owner will not spilt these two Patented claims but he is willing to sell them both at a great price, of only $58,000. Annual taxes are about $120 per year.

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Aroostock Patents #L1160


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