GLG Mining Claim #L885
near Lovelock, Nevada
*** SOLD ***
• located Spring Creek Mining District
• 160 acre unpatented placer claim
• Bond Posted with BLM
-*** SOLD ***
For Sale
only $8,000 !

The GLC mining claim is located in the rich Spring Creek Mining district near Lovelock Nevada. The 160 unpatented mining claim measures 4935 feet by 1306 feet (with one excluded area as seen on the map) and is nearby the old mining own of Unionville.

There is much evidence of previous mining in the area including the claim itself. However much of the claim is an untouched alluvial fan where both gold and silver are contained. A nearby exploration has been conducting a core drilling sampling program up stream of these claims and has intersected 1 million ounces of gold in vein intersects. The largest mine in Nevada is upstream from this!

A $2000 bond has been posted with the BLM to conduct sampling, and the Nevada State Enviormental Protection Agency paperwork has been obtained for sample processing.

Price for all, only $8,000 USD.


*** SOLD ***


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GLG Mining Claim #L885

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large pond

claim layout

small pond