Yakataga Placer Leases #L715
on the Gulf of Alaska
3 Placer Leases covering 1410 acres
Easy Mining with No Overburden or Frozen Ground
210 day mining season
Gold Starts at the surface
Low mining cost - $8.89 per cubic yard
Pay Zone values from $19.50 per yard to $1755 per yard
Projected Mine Life 15 - 18 years
Fully Permitted for Mining *
$20 million USD

The 3 Yakataga Placer Leases are located on the Gulf of Alaska. Mining starts at the beach on the surface. There is no overburden or frozen ground to deal with. Access to the mine is by air to a 5000 foot runway (suitable for a C-130) or by boat from Cordova. Valdez, and Seward. The owner wishes to sell these Leases now.

According to a 1975 US Bureau of Mines Report a bulk sample of Yakataga Beach sands yielded 0.060 ounces per ton gold in test #1 and 0.054 opt gold in test #2. This equals values at today's prices of $39 and $35 per ton gold.

Other test data, photos, and information available upon request. Owners would be glad to show pre-qualified buyers the property and let them run their own samples while the current owners are present.

* Fully Permitted for Mining from May - December through 2009. Then the permits are renewable for multiples of 5 years and are transferable to the new owner. The leases are also permitted to use chemical froth floatation cells for the recovery process.


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Yakataga Placer Leases #L715


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Satellite Image of Leases (above)

photos of placer leases