Baja Placer Mine #L1540
Northern Baja, Mexico
Family Owned since 1888
60 hectares (148 acres)
70,000 ozs gold or more
90% unmined virgin ground
Flake, Four, Nugget, + micro gold
Average 92% pure
 45 year project life
 easy access to mines
 all documentation + taxes current

 now on the market for the first time in over 100 years


$2 million USD
with a 5% NSR royalty
$2.5 million USD
with $500k down and $250k every 90 days until the balance is paid plus a 5% NSR royalty

This Historic Placer Mine consists of 60 hectares (148 acres) and is located about 150 miles south of the San Diego border with easy road access. This was first established in 1888 when gold was $8 an ounce. The gold found here can be flake, flour, and nugget gold and averages 92% pure. Only about 10% of this ground has ever been mined and this was done by primitive methods.

Recently the family set up a test plant on their adjacent claim which could process 50 tons a day. This produced an average of 250 grams to 400 grams of gold per day. The Bedrock at the this historic placer mine lies about 60 feet from the surface and it is estimated that there is at minimum of 70,000 ounces of gold remaining.

The family who owns the this mine has had many enticing offers from mining companies who wish to strip mine this land making everyone a ton of money. However this does not interest the family in the least.

They are NOT looking for a maximum return in the short run. Instead they wish to sell to a mining company who will mine this property in an environmentally sound manner, reclaiming the land as they go, over the next 45 years until the claim expires in 2057.

They plan to use the proceeds from the mine to fund a Family Foundation for an environmental preserve of creative minded humanitarians. Geologic reports are available to qualified parties.

They are asking $2 million USD for the mine plus a 5% NSR (net smelter return royalty) or will sell for $2.5 million USD with $500k down, and $250K every 3 months until the balance is paid plus a 5% NSR royalty.

If you have been looking for some good virgin ground to work you'll want to look into this lifetime long-term opportunity to live and work in Baja.

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Baja Placer Mine #L1540

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gold from mine averages 92% pure

gold from family processing plan

Mostly virgin ground and First Time on available in over 100 years!

The family wishes to sell to a mining company who will extract the gold and replace the earth using environmentally sound mining methods.