Clear Creek Placer Claims #L1690
Colorado Mineral Belt
4 separate mining claims
totaling 260 acres
One 70 acres claim (GW)
Three 60 acres claims (PC, LG, PG)
Historical area with preserved mining camp/town sites
Great access, camping, fishing, hiking, rafting, and metal detecting
PC 60 acre claim - SOLD
LG 60 acre claim -PENDING
PG 60 acre claim - PENDING
GW 70 acre claim - SOLD

The Clear Creek Placers lie up a canyon that was once home to several thriving mining towns which are now ghost towns.

The area is well documented historically for Placer and Lode Gold and Silver. In 1859, a large placer deposit was discovered on Cache Creek, a tributary of the Arkansas near Granite on the Lake/Chaffee County Line.

A year later in 1860 in the California Gulch, near Leadville, another very large and historically well known gold placer was found.

The Cache Creek site parallels these claims.

One of the listed claims covers a large part of what was once a booming Silver Mine and Town. The shaft, tailings pile, and buildings still remain. Rock samples from here confirm that it is highly mineralized.

The area has many Patented mines as well which further speaks to the potential of these claims. Each year the spring runoff rearranges thousands of yards of "mountain gravels" and this process brings an ever new array of values to the stream which runs through the center of every claim.

Dredging and or Highbanking is the most efficient way to work the stream and her gravels, but a small portable crusher and shaker table could be productive as well.

The owner is asking $4,500 for each claim. If you would like information contact us right away.


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Clear Creek Placer Claims #L1690

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looking west up canyon LG Claim 60 acres
looking west from LG claim marker GW Claim marker
PC Claim marker Silver mine tailings pile on PC Claim
Clear Creek waterfalls at PC Claim specimen from area

Specimen from PC Claim, Galena, Quartz, and Pyrite