13 New Mexico Claims #L1190
near Deming, NM
13 Claims
Gold, Silver, Lead, & Zinc values
on a gold vein over a mile long!

vein varies from 75' - 300' wide

near paved road
65 miles to nearby smelter
Will Lease for $2500 per month
( one year minimum lease )

and a 5% GSR royalty

-Will sell outright for $500,000

Thirteen mining claims in the Tres Hermanas Mining District near Deming, New Mexico.This well-known mining district is located two miles from a major paved highway between Deming and Columbus, New Mexico. These gold, silver, lead, zinc, and other minerals claims are located on B.L.M. land and have been in the present owner's possession since 1965. The claims are sixty five miles from the nearest smelter in El Paso, Texas.

This property has a gold vein underlying the claims. This vein is 300 feet at the widest point and 75 feet at the narrowest point. It is over 1 mile in length. The vein lies in the contact zone between the granite and limestone formations.

The Tres Hermanes property has great potential as a gold and silver prospect worth millions. Core drilling has not been done and will be required.

The owner will lease these claims for $2500 per month with a one year minimum lease and a 5% Gross Smelter Returns Royalty on all production. If the lease is prepaid he will accept $25,000 for one year's lease. Or he will sell outright for $500,000.


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13 New Mexico Claims #L1190


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