Cumberland Mines #L865
located NW of Durango, Colorado


4 PATENTED lode claims
and 1 PATENTED mill site
Proven Gold and Silver Values
(low range) $1.4 Billion
Proven ounces of Gold and Silver
(low range) 35 million oz
Tons of ore
(low range) 1 million

The Cumberland Mines consist of five Patented mining claims located in La Plata County about 20 miles NW of Durango, Colorado The mines are in one of the major gold and silver producing districts of Colorado.

The 5 lode claims vary in size and one is a very scarce and valuable mill site. The Cumberland Mines are the beneficiary of eighty years of exploration, engineering, development, and operations that started with the owner's grandfather.

The property is NOT in the exploration stage, although new veins will certainly be uncovered at the lower levels. The property has been developed and mined in the past.

The gold and silver tonnage and values have been proved by historical and geological/engineering reports circa 1914-1937. These consist of 7 different reports totaling about 100 pages. The old reports have been verified and substantiated to "prove up" the old reports. In addition there are 6 recent geological reports from 1984 - 1989 and hundreds of assay samples.

One of the claims, the Cumberland 2376, has 4 adits (tunnels) and two shaft/winze. The # 4 adit is clear for about 1500 feet. The #3 adit needs to have the portal opened. Some high grade ore taken from Tunnel #3 assayed at almost 300 ounces of gold per ton!

The Snowstorm claim has a strike length of 1000 feet and is probabaly 2000 feet deep. It has four adits, the #4 is 600 feet long.. Old shipment records show ore from this claim to be 17 ounces of gold per ton.

Another claim only had one adit and the portal is closed. But a 4 foot deep trench was dug with a back hoe for the entire length of the claim (1500 feet) all while on the vein with gold values from .05 ozpt to 20 opt and silver values of 17 to 205 ozpt. The Cora G Monitor claim measures over 5000 feet with a probable depth of 2000 feet.

The fourth claim, the Monitor, has 2 adits and a 50 foot shaft between the upper and lower levels. The upper tunnel has been mined and considerable work done in the lower tunnel to prepare for pulling a 2000 ton stope of ore which would be the first ore to mine in the vent of a JV

The fifth claim is a patented mill site and these are very rare and valuable in this area.

The estimates of the tonnage and quality of the ore are all taken from the low range. The real value of this mine is probably much greater than these conservative estimates. If you are looking for a patented lode property to begin mining, you owe it to yourself to look at the Cumberland Mines.


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Cumberland Mines #L865

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5 Patented Mining Claims

located NW of Durango, Colorado

In one of Colorado's richest mining districts

Proven by past mining and present exploration