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The sad fact is that in almost all cases Banks do not lend money on mining projects. Rather than tell you this, they will accept your application, waste your time, and never give you a decision.Therefore almost all mining projects are funded by private investors and private investors groups.

So getting funding for your mining project is best done by getting listed on our site and presenting your project to investors worldwide. By linking your ad to the investors opportunities page, it easy for investors to look at the listings which are looking for funding. Your listing will also appear on the main page and other appropriate listing directories throughout the site getting lots of exposure.

It is important to understand that venture capitalists require a high return on their money or they will go elsewhere. Offering 15% interest will get you nowhere with private investors. Mining involves risk and investors must be rewarded or they will find safer places for their money. Venture capitalists are looking for fast payback and returns in excess of 30%.

Most mining companies can easily absorb the high cost of funds if it means that they can begin or increase production. If they cannot, they are in the wrong business.

To submit your listing click here and follow the instructions. We use the same general procedure to submit a funding or joint venture request as we use for a sale, lease, or option listing.

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