San Diego California Mining Claim #L1660
Julian, California
One 20 acre Placer Claim
On ancient creek bed
Creek 3 -4 ft deep in some areas
Lots of Quartz and Granite
Easy access of maintained road
Room for parking and camping
 About 40 miles from San Diego
 Year 'round mining season
Asking $7,000
Price negotiable

This rare 20 acre mining claim is located about 40 miles from San Diego, CA near Julian. The claim is located on an ancient creek bed and the owner does not believe that this has ever been worked. A creek runs through the claim and this is 3 - 4 feet deep in some areas. This runs all year except for Aug., Sept., and Oct.

There is lots of quartz and granite on the claim. High banking, panning, and metal detecting are OK now and dredging is possible when this becomes legal. There is the possibility of using heavy equipment on the claim with the proper permits.

The entire region of Julian, California has a rich history of mining and the area contains large amounts of quartz veins.

The miners in the past worked the quartz veins and creek in this claim but did not work the ancient creek bed at the bottom of the claim. This part of the claim contains large boulders and could contain large amounts of gold flakes and nuggets.

The claim is quiet and beautiful with easy access off a maintained road. There is plenty of room for camping, parking, and equipment. Daytime temperatures are usually 60 degrees in the winter and 80 degrees in the summer.

Permission required to vidit the claim. The owner is asking $7,000 for the claim and says that the price is negotiable. Note that theis is a recreational gold claim and it is unlikely that any commercial mining would be allowed, although not impossible.



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San Diego California Mining Claim #L1660

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