Miller Creek Placer Mine #L1915
Idaho County, Idaho
Historic Mining Area
135 acres
Never Worked by machine *
virgin ground in north and east
Gold only 12" - 24" below surface
Gold Value 3.5 grams per yard
 PGM showing .1 ounce per ton
 abundant Rare Earth Elements
 easy access to claim
price lowered to expedite sale
$27,500 cash
or best offer

Injury Forces Sale of the Miller Creek Placer Mine which has the reputation of being one of the main 40 historic mines in the Florence Mining District. This placer mine is fed by 7 rich tributaries and is easily accessible via 3 openings in the paved Forest Service road.

This 135 acre mining claim has been only worked with hand tools and there is still virgin ground to work in the northern and eastern part of the claim. The mine was last worked in the 1930's and the 1970's. The bedrock has not been worked in may locations of this 135 acre site.

Because this is an Heirloom quality mine, and in addition to the Gold that can be found, the site boasts recoverable values of Silver, Palladium, and other PGM metals. Gold runs about 3.5 grams per yard 12" - 24" below the surface and PGM assay at .1 ounce per ton.

In addition there is abundant Monazite and (Rare Earth Element) based Zircon. Other Rare Earths found here are:

Ce 5780 PPM 185 U.S. ounces per ton
La 3310 PPM 106 U.S. ounces per ton
Nd 1815 PPM 58.1 U.S. ounces per ton
Zr 6670 PPM 213 U.S. ounces per ton

Due to a severe back injury, the owner must sell his mine. He is asking $27,500 cash or best offer. If you have been looking for a small claim with paying values be sure to ask about the Miller Creek Placer Mine.

* Note: In 2000 and 2001 the National Forest Service made improvements and added a culvert in addition to further changes to mine using dynamite and grading machines. The dynamite was for a historical man made diversion from an adjacent mining claim (it no longer exists). A study on this NFS effort will be provided upon request.

Miller Creek Placer Mine


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