7 Rich Arizona Gold Mines #L1725
NW of Kingman, Arizona
7 Rich Arizona Gold Mines
2 Patented Mines
plus 5 Federal Mining Claims
totaling 140 acres
Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead
Estimated Reserves: $3 Billion
 easy access to mines
 all documentation + taxes current
with $160k down and owner financing over 2 years!
$779,000 cash

These 7 rich gold mines are located in the Cerbat Mountain Range near Kingman, AZ. Two of the mines are Patented, and the remaining five mines are Federal mining claims. There are several veins throughout the claim group and a rough estimate of the total reserve value is over $3 Billion! More testing is needed to confirm reserves but there is no question that this is a very rich group of mines.

Although many veins throught this mine group have been identified most of the assays have been taken from the surface because of closed adits and lack of access to the veins. Assays have been done on surface samples above the veins and on samples take from the numerous ore piles among the claims.

On one of the federal claims a (estimated) 3500 ton ore pile was found to contain .25 OPT gold, 6.049 OPT silver and 3.017% ( 60.34 lbs./ton) copper. Another (estimated) 5000 ton ore pile ran .71 opt gold, 12.63 opt silver. One ore pile assayed at a very high .710 OPT gold, 12.636 OPT silver and 2.92% copper. Another ran .36 OPT gold, 19.986 silver and .215% copper. On one newly discovered vein yielded .138 OPT gold, 10.404 OPT silver and 3.347% copper. Good assays are abundant on all seven claims.

The owner wishes to sell these 2 Patented Claims and 5 Federal claims as a group and has priced this to sell. He is asking $895,000 for all seven claims and will finance this for 2 years with $160k down and a balloon payment at the end of the two years.

Or he will discount the claims for cash and sell them for $779,000.

This is a great deal and it is priced to sell. If you are interested, please contact us right away.



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7 Rich Arizona Gold Mines #L1725

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