Patented Nevada Mining Claim #L1475
Goldfield, Nevada
one Patented 20 acre Lode Claim
and one unpatented 20 acre Lode Claim
just south of Goldfield Nevada
silver, copper, and gold values
 approx 8,000 - 10,0000 tons of ore dump material
taxes less than $100 per year
$49,000 Cash
plus a 3% NSR Royalty

This mining claim listing includes 2 twenty acre lode claims about 12 miles south of Goldfield, Nevada. One claim is Patented and the adjoining claim is unpatented.

The main shaft to the mine is 400 feet deep and the entrance is fenced as seen in the photo. One past shipment of picked ore netted $236 per ton at the time and averaged 230 ounces per ton of silver, 7 ounces of gold, and 19% copper!

The taxes on the property are less than $100 per year and it is estimated that there are 8,000 - 10,000 tons of dump ore on site. The owner wishes to sell both claims and is asking $49,000 Cash plus a 3% NSR Royalty for this past producing silver, gold, and copper mine.


Patented Nevada Mining Claim #L1475

fax 208 265 5377


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