located in central Idaho in the
Florence Mining District
360 acre claim
For Sale at $60,000 USD


Recent surface samples indicate the Gold and Platinum values to be in excess of $22 Million

Obed Gulch is located in the historic Florence Mining District in central Idaho. It is 360 acres (three 120 acre claims).

The Florence Mining District produced over 1.5 million ounces of gold using gold pans and long toms. The Bureau of Mines estimated that more gold was lost than recovered due to inefficient mining methods. The Gulch Placer has only been worked with hand tools.

A 1939 report by the Idaho Bureau of Mines and Geology in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey reports that 95% of the material heavier than a specific gravity of 2.82 is Monazite. There is an estimated 1.1 million yards of material. Recent surface samples indicate that the Gold and Platinum values are in excess of $22 million.

The Obed Gulch placer takes in nearly all of Grouse Creek. Grouse Creek is part of a drainage that has been studied and found to have no endangered or threatened species of fish, nor their critical habitat.

Grouse Creek Is accessed by good haul roads.

This 360 acre claim is now being offered at $60,000.

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See GPAA magazine article, Nov/Dec 2003, "Exploring Florence Idaho" by Laura Levesque.

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