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TBE -to be established S=Sale L=Lease O=Option LN=Loan JV=Joint Venture
RT- royalty terms E=Equity T=Terms P=Patented C=Canadian  

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2 Rich Gold Mines #L105 Arizona $ 1 Billion $8m dwn, RT,S,P

Otto's Gulch Placer #L120 Idaho $24 Million $45k, S
Mexican Au #L130 Mexico TBE $350k - $500k, L, JV

Redbird Mine #L140 Idaho TBE $395k, S, Terms, P

10 Claims #L165 Nevada TBE $6,500 ea, S, P

Dios Padre Mine #L170 Mexico $500 million $ offer S, JV
Montana Group #L180 Helena, MT TBE $250k, S
AZ Project #L195 Arizona $175 million + $190k +, S, Terms

Nugget Project #L240 Alaska $50 million $750k, L, JV, P
McCoy Mine #L245 Idaho TBE $5K down + RT
ID Dredge Claims #L255 Idaho TBE $4,750 + up, S
Singer Mine #L265 Nevada TBE $90k, S, P
Pretty Girl Placer #L280 Montana $2 million + $125k, JV
Obed Gulch #L315 Idaho TBE $60k, S, Terms
Newsome Creek #L350 Idaho TBE $5,750 each
South Panama Gold #L375 Panama TBE $100k, L
10 Idaho Claims #L410 Idaho TBE $2,750 + up, S
Fairview Mine #L475 Montana TBE $100k, P, JV, L
Crooked River Claims #L485 Idaho TBE $7,500 each, S
La Iguana Mine #L525 Mexico TBE $700k S or $150k JV
Sinker Tunnel Complex #L530 Idaho TBE $2m S, or $265k for 50% ownership, P
Red Pony Placer #L535 Idaho TBE $42,500 S
Allied Mines Project #L540 Argentina $ 10 Billion $10 m, L, JV
20 acre Highbanker Claims #L580 Idaho TBE $7,500 each, S
Duke Mine JV #L630 Oregon TBE $200k, JV
Last Chance Claims #L640 Idaho TBE $7,500, S
Westfork Placer #L670 Idaho TBE $12,500 - S
Rich Gulch Project #L700 California $500 million $500k, S. Lease for $50k per year
Yakataga Placer Leases #L715 Alaska TBE $20 million, S
Beartrack Placer #L765 Idaho TBE $50,000, S
Historic Ruby Mine #L430 California $500 million S, $2.5 million
Big Chief Group #L815 Arizona TBE S, $400k
Oro Cache Gold Mine #L825 Arizona TBE S, $85k
Sungold Mine #L830 Arizona TBE S, $850k
Cumberland Mines #L865 Colorado $500 million S, price negotiable, P
GLG Mining Claim #L885 Nevada TBE S, $8,000
Summit Placers #L905 Idaho TBE $7,500, S
Gold Dredging Operation #L920 Sierra Leone TBE $50k, JV
Desert Wash #L965 Arizona TBE $4,700, S
placer gold Henry Gem Project #L980 Arizona TBE $350k, LN, JV
M&M Placer Claim #L1045 Idaho TBE $9,900, S, Terms
Eve Lode 35 #L1050 Idaho TBE $18,000, S, Terms
Eve Lode 22 #L1055 Idaho TBE $10,500, S, Terms
Milner Placer Claim #L1080 Idaho TBE $47,500, S
8 Rich Gold Mines #L1105 Arizona $4.5 Billion $1.7 million, S, Terms, P
Trek Placer #L1150 Idaho TBE $12k, S
Nason's Gulch #L1165 Idaho TBE $27.5k, S
gold, silver, lead, zinc 8 New Mexico Claims #L1190 New Mexico TBE $200k S, terms
gold, siilver, copper Ajax Mine Group #L1195 Arizona TBE $75k S, with 3% NSR royalty
Patented Placer Property #L1260 Montana $100 million $1 million, S., P
placer gold East Fork Turnkey Gold Mine #L1270 Yukon TBE $750k, S, currently operating, Turn Key
Long Valley Placer Project #L1275 California TBE $8k, S
Grouse Creek Mining Claim #L1280 California TBE $2,500, S
Tuloumne River Placer Claim #L1285 California TBE $3,000, S
Dolly Creek Placer #L1290 California TBE $2,000, S
lode gold Oro Blanco Mine #L1375 Arizona TBE $800k, or $500k with a 3% NSR
American River Claim #L1405 California TBE $4,950, S
Safe Haven Placer Mine #L1410 Montana TBE $650k, S, P, Turn Key, only $325k down
Cherokee Creek Placer #L1440 California TBE $4,850, S
lode gold Limerick Canyon Lode Claims #L1450 Nevada TBE $400k, S, Lease
Patented Nevada Mining Claim #L1475 Nevada TBE $49k, S, P
lode gold Longface Project #L1480 Nevada $1 Billion $6.5m JV, $12.5 m S
gold New Year Extension Mine #L1505 Nevada TBE $98k, S, P
lode gold Gladstone Gold Mine Group #L1520 California TBE lease, P
lode gold and silver Paystreak Mine #L1530 Arizona TBE $1.1 million, S
disseminated silver 5 Arizona Silver Claims #L1535 Arizona TBE $20k, S
Trinity River Placer #L1545 California TBE $6,850, S
Mokelumne River Placer #L1555 California TBE $6,950, S
Trinity Treasure Placer #L1560 California TBE $6,850, S
lode gold Hazel Gold Mine Property-Jilson Mine #L1575 California TBE $1.6 million, S, P
Treasure Box Placer Claim #L1595 Idaho TBE $10k, S
copper, gold, silver, rubiduium, gallium, induim, white quartz Passover 2011 Mining Claim #L1620 California TBE S, $1.35m
silver, gold, copper, lead Pinto Mines Group #L1630 Nevada TBE S, $165k, P
silver, gold, copper, lead Gilmore Patented Mining Claims #L1635 Idaho TBE S, $2.2m, P
Brazilian Diamond & Mineral Mine #L1640 Brazil TBE $6 million, JV
Australian Mining Leases #L1650 Australia TBE S, $75,000 each, camp & equipment available
Just Mine Mining Claim #L1655 California TBE S, $4,500
San Diego California Mining Claim #L1660 California TBE $7k, S
placer gold Tertiary Fraser River #L1675 Canada $900 million S, $5 million U.S. for 2 year purchase option with $50k down.
UNDER CONTRACT Golden Horsehoe Claims #L1685 Colorado TBE S, $4,500 and up
UNDER LEASE Clear Creek Placer Claims #L1690 Colorado TBE S, $13,500 and up
lode gold Hitepit Lode Claims #L1695 California $21 Billion + S, $1.5 Billion, JV
silver, lead, zinc, copper, gold Hilltop Mine Group #L1700 Arizona TBE S, $205k
Steephollow Placer #L1710 California TBE S, $8,500
lode silver, copper, gold, zinc Nevada Silver & Copper Mines #L1715 Nevada TBE S, $25k
gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper Nevada Fine Gold Claims #L1720 Nevada TBE S $350k, will lease
Famous Arizona Gold & Silver Mines #L1730 Arizona $4 Billion S, $1.9 million, P, Terms
lode gold The Telegraph Mine #L1735 California TBE $2 million, JV or L
lode gold, silver, lead, zinc Famous Santiago Gold & Silver Mines #L1755 Colorado $1.8 Billion $1.9 million, L, JV, P
Nome Placer Claims #L1760 Alaska TBE S, $210k, Turn Key
Kirk Silver + Gold Mine #L1765 Utah TBE S, $22k
Silver Island Mine #L1770 Utah TBE S, $23,500
gold, silver, quartz, iron, lead Black Swan Mine #L1775 Oregon TBE S, $24,500
placer gold Gopher Hills Gold Mine #L1785 California TBE 50% JV, $175,000
placer gold Top Notch Placer Mine #L1795 California $1.2 Billion S, $3.7 million, Turn Key
placer gold American River Dream #L1800 California TBE S, $6,500
UNDER LEASE Little Jupiter Mine #L1805 Nevada TBE S, $250k with mill site
placer gold Historic Shirley Bar Claims #L1810 Alaska TBE S, $1.5 million, terms, Turn Key
lode silver, gold, lead Historic Gunsight Mine #L1815 Arizona TBE S, $597k, P, with mill site
placer gold Mexican Corporation + Concessions #L1820 Mexico TBE S, $4.5 million, Turn Key
lode gold, silver, copper Santa Maria Homestake Mine #L1830 Arizona $250 million S, $400k, water rights
lode gold Gold Reef Flux Project #L1835 Arizona $2 Billion $750k, L, possible sale
placer gold Rock Creek Placer Claims #L1840 California TBE S, $3,500 each
Kelvin Copper Project #L1845 Arizona $3.6 Billion S, $4.25 million, Terms
lode gold Dogwater Gold Claims #L1850 Nevada TBE S, $30k
lode gold, silver Noble Metals JV #L1855 Nevada TBE JV, $566k +
5 Arizona Mining Claims #L1860 Arizona TBE S, $6k and up
placer gold Coarse Gold Mining Claim #L1865 Oregon TBE S, $29,900
lode gold, tertiary gold Drilled California Gold Mine #L1870 California $260 million + S, $500k, Terms
Ruby Hill Mining Property #L1875 Nevada TBE S, $150k, Terms, P
placer gold and gravel Dome Creek Patented Gold and Gravel Mine #L1880 Alaska $60 million S, 400k, P
gold, silver, lead, zinc, vanadium 4 Large Claim Groups #L1885 Nevada TBE S, $2.5 million
placer gold The Nick Mine #L1895 Nevada TBE JV, $750k
placer gold High Bar Gold Mine #L1900 Oregon TBE S, $15 million
Mackenzie Mining Claims #L1910 Canada TBE S, $152,000 CAN
placer gold Miller Creek Placer Mine #L1915 Idaho TBE S, $11,000
lode gold, silver Madison Mining Corporation #L1920 Montana TBE S, $10.5 million, Terms, P
placer gold Nevada Mining Company #L1925 Nevada $16 Billion JV, $20 million, possible sale
gold, silver, copper, molybedenum Coors Mining Property #L1930 Arizona TBE S, $20 million
placer gold, lode gold, meteorite Old Timer's Claims + Projects #L1935 Montana TBE S, $60k and up, JV
lode gold Discovery Day Gold Property #L1940 California TBE S, $12 million
lode gold, silver Idaho Mining & Milling Project #L1945 Idaho TBE JV, $5.5 million
lode gold, silver Milk Maid Mine #L1950 California TBE S, $225k, P
lode silver, copper, lead, zinc Patented New Mexico Silver Mine #L1955 New Mexico TBE S, $300k Terms, P
underground placer gold Nappy Mining Claim #L1960 Canada TBE S, $1.8 million, low down payment
lode gold, silver Badger Mine #L1965 Arizona TBE S, $300k



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