With regular placer, lode, or dredge claims the claim holder has the right to mine the minerals but does not hold title to the property. However Patented Mining Claims include the deed to the property. In order to be patented, significant mineral values were proven to exist on the property, or the patented status would not have been granted. When you own a patented property you own the minerals and the land. Unlike mining claims, permanent structures can be built on patented properties, and the land can be divided and sold like deeded real estate. Depending upon when the Patented status was granted, many local and federal laws do not apply to Patented claims. For all of these reasons Patented mining properties are preferred and command higher prices than mining claims.

Listing Key

TBE =to be established S=Sale L=Lease O=Option LN=Loan JV=Joint Venture
RT=royalty terms E=Equity T=Terms P=Patented   C=Canadian

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Listing #
Est. Mineral Value
Asking Price
Ruby Hill Mining Property
S, $150k, Terms, P
Dome Creek Patented Gold and Gravel Mine
$60 million
S, 400k, P
Milk Maid Mine
S, $299k, P, possible JV
Patented New Mexico Silver Mine
New Mexico
S, $300k Terms, P
Historic French Corral Mine
$80 million
20% JV $2.million, S, $8.5 million, P, Turn Key
Rich Arizona Mine Group
$4 Billion
S, $1.5 million, P
Eureka Consolidated Patented Placer Claim
JV or Loan wanted, $450k, P
Patented AZ Mining Claims
$175k, S, P
Open Pit Gold Mine
$ Billion
S, $10 million,P, owner financing, possible JV
Kelvin Copper Project
$3.6 Billion
S, $3.4 million, owner financing P
Blue Lead Gold Mine
$250 million
S, $5.5 million,Turn Key, P possible JV or owner financing




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